About Luxe Bag Rental

Luxe Bag Rental by Luxe Du Jour is the newest go-to destination to connect handbag renters and lenders. It is an innovative way where you can become a borrower and rent out high-end authentic designer handbags or you can be a lender and make passive income off the bags you do not currently use and would like to lend out through our company.

For many years, designer brands could not be easily accessed by the majority of women and luxury items have been found to be unattainable for the average person. Not anymore! Luxe Bag rental is committed to empowering women by ensuring that they can affordably enjoy La Crème De La Crème of designer bags and help them look and feel their best in an eco-friendly way when they rent from us.

Why Lend?

Do you ever just look at your bag collection and never reach for certain bags but don't want to sell them? Do you ever want to get rid of a bag but want to recuperate some money? Do you have a huge bag collection that your significant other always complains about? Do you need a way to justify your bag addiction and new purchases? Do you just want an extra way to make passive income? If you said yes to any of these then lending might be for you.

You can now monetize off your bag collection by lending them out to our clients. You no longer need to feel guilty for all those bags collecting dust and not being worn. You can even recoup the money you might lose by lending it out right before you sell your bag. You can turn your bag closet into a money making machine!

All lent out bags can be returned to you at anytime as long as it is not rented out.

Why Rent?

Do you ever just want that one bag to wear with that one outfit? Do you ever just wish you could test out a bag to see if it's suitable for your lifestyle before committing to it? Do you ever just want to wear some fun bright coloured bags for the summer days? Do you ever just constantly change your mind and fashion taste in handbags? Do you ever just need a bold bag for that one big event but you know you might never wear again? Do you find yourself having a hard time selling bags you no longer like and losing over 50% of retail price? Do you also not like to tie up a large chunk of your money into a bunch of designer handbags that you don't even wear all the time? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you might want to consider renting.

You can now take a classic bag for a "test drive" by renting it out before investing thousands of dollars by owning it. You can even strut the hottest trendy colourful bag for the season without worrying about depreciating the resale value of selling it in the future. You can even rent out that one statement evening bag to a big event that you only need to attend once.

You now have access to your bag collection in the cloud! All our bags can be rented out for 15 or 30 days and can be offered for longer periods by request to accommodate all your needs.

We are currently only available to Canadian Clients, we are looking forward to expanding to the USA soon!