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About Our Luxury Repair Spa

Welcome To The Luxury Handbag Repair Spa

Our Luxe Bag Spa specializes in luxury designer handbag restoration services to make them look and feel as good as new. Over the years, we've helped many bag addicts and collectors repair and revive some of their most loved and cherished possessions.

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Leather Restoration

We have a specialized team of experts who work on restoring worn-out leather back to pristine condition. Our leather restoration services include removing surface scratches, marks, stains and/or color transfer. Please note this service does not include the restoration of the shape, structure, or other broken components of a handbag.

Re-gold Plating

Replace tarnished or faded gold hardware on your handbags with our re-plating service. Our Luxe Bag Spa team re-gold plates damaged hardware in 24k gold.

Please note that this service does not remove any scratches on the hardware.


Have a leather handbag that has started to look a bit dull? Add some shine back to the leather and easily improve its condition with our polishing services.


From a quick to a full deep cleaning, this service is perfect for dirty bag interiors, and exterior surface stains.


Any stains, scuffs, and discoloration that we're not able to remove through our leather restoration and/or cleaning services, are recommended for our coloration service, where a high quality leather dye and pigment is used to color match the leather handbag and cover up any visible flaws.

Patina Lightening

Louis Vuitton vachetta darkening, built-up dirt grime, water marks, and stains can all be reversed with our patina lightening service that helps lighten the patina.

This service is not recommended for vintage or dry and cracking vachetta leather.

Our Products

Shop our custom line of do-it yourself cleaning and care products to help maintain the look and feel of your designer handbags at home.

Patina Lightening




Re-Gold Plating

Leather Restoration

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